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In cooperation with our design, development, production and processing affiliate, ORIHIRO Engineering, and our production and machining affiliate, Suzhou ORIHIRO Co., Ltd., our Machinery Division provides an extensive range of packaging machinery to customers all over the world. The diverse lineup of the ORIHIRO brand brings to market a unique product for every application, and by selecting devices that provide optimum performance and efficiency for each application, this brand is lauded by manufacturers of foodstuffs and many other products for its extensive range and convenience.

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ORIHIRO's Health Food Division boasts a comprehensive product lineup that supports rich, healthy lifestyles. Based on valuable information obtained through our sales activities, this division performs planning and development activities and has been fully integrated with our production and sales affiliate, ORIHIRO Plantdew, and our distribution affiliate, ORIHIRO More Zeria, to ensure efficient delivery of its unique products to the market. Featuring production and distribution systems that conform to HACCP global standards for food hygiene control, ORIHIRO Plantdew head office & plant ships products with superior levels of safety and reliability.

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The Raw Material Division is closely linked with ORIHIRO Materials, a company that has developed a high-quality brand of konnyaku-potato (or arum root) powder by introducing highly advanced machinery for drying, pulverizing, grating, blending, quality inspection, and temperature control. Accordingly, this division provides the market with a stable supply of raw material for konnyaku production. In addition to supporting the mass production and mass distribution of excellent konnyaku products containing high-quality and high-purity mannan, the Raw Material Division also strives to develop new konnyaku products through its unique research programs.

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