ORIHIRO Material has established an entire system that incorporates all aspects of konnyaku potato processing, including drying, pulverizing, blending, quality inspections and storage, using its own original production facilities and know-how. ORIHIRO Material is contributing to the expansion of the industry through its steady supply of the highest quality and purest mannan, which is essential for good-quality konnyaku production.

Konnyaku potato field
Drying Facility
Here, an advanced system developed by ORIHIRO Material is used to automatically adjust the drying temperature to match the volume of moisture for evaporation when drying konnyaku potato. The result is a high-quality coarse powder, properly dried without damaging the characteristics of the mannan.
Blending Facility
Here, the purest mannan, which has been refined into powder according to type and grade, undergoes strict inspection (for type and viscosity) before being blended, to produce a high-quality raw material with a stable viscosity.

Pulverizing Facility
In order to produce the purest mannan in the least amount of time, ORIHIRO Material has introduced independent systems for automatically adjusting the amount of pressure applied to coarse powder during the crushing process and automatically controlling the amount of heat generated during the polishing process.
Research Laboratory
The research laboratory carries out strict quality inspections, chemical analysis and safety checks based on a variety of data obtained from konnyaku products.
ORIHIRO Material Co., Ltd.
Established:October 1988
Capital:30 million yen
Business Outline:Production and sale of raw materials for arum root paste.
Head Office:590-21 Hamagawa-machi, Takasaki-shi, Gunma-ken, 370-0081 TEL: (027)344-2700
Plant Office:639 Kanuma, Tomioka-shi, Gunma-ken 370-2466 TEL: (0274)67-3863

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