Privacy Policy

ORIHIRO Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting the privacy and personal information of our customers and everyone involved with our organization. We hold your privacy in the highest esteem, and in order to protect this privacy, we take the utmost care to insure that our business operates in accordance with the privacy policy listed below.

1. Concerning the Use of Personal Information

Our corporation will use our customer's personal information only in accordance with the acceptable use policy listed below, and only as necessary to complete the following business tasks.

(1) Business Tasks

  1. Sales of product. Transactions related to our products or services.
  2. Consultation with the customer to inquire on opinions and respond to requests.
  3. Implementation of customer surveys.
  4. Implementation of campaigns geared towards customers.
  5. Implementation of initiatives such as product-monitor recruitment.
  6. Adoption of new employees.
  7. Other business tasks that encompass the tasks listed above.

(2) Acceptable Use Policy

  1. Matters concerning the sales of the product, the product, and transactions related to our products or services. This includes: acceptance of applications, proof of identity, proof of qualifications, consideration, determination, delivery of product, services offered and management of products and services.
  2. Acceptance, consideration, response and management with regards to customer inquiries, opinions and requests.
    *To ensure accuracy of customer inquiries, opinions and requests, all conversations with the customer may be recorded in part or in their entirety.
  3. The development of better products, to improve service and to ensure quality control.
  4. To provide information on our products and guides to our services.
  5. Administration and management of surveys, and delivery of product rewards.
  6. Administration and management of campaigns, and delivery of products to successful participants.
  7. Administration and management of product-monitor applicants, and delivery of products to applicants.
  8. Administration, examination, response and management of the adoption of new employees.
  9. To appropriately handle personal information, in part or in whole, that has been consigned to our corporation by an outside source.
  10. Appropriate and relevant management supervision.

2. Concerning the Acquisition of Personal Information

Our corporation acquires information on our customers and everyone involved with our organization through proper legal channels.

3. Concerning the Disclosure of Personal data to a Third Party

Our corporation does not disclose personal data about our customers or anyone involved with our organization without their full and prior consent, excluding situations when required to by law.
However, our corporation will participate in the mutual disclosure of personal data with our associated companies only when it will result in a superior level of service for our customer, and only in the manner listed below.

(1) Personal Data available for Shared Use

Name, Date of Birth, Address, Telephone number, E-mail address, Other contact information, Employment Information, Information concerning product sales, products, and services, Information concerning inquiries, opinions and requests, surveys, campaigns, product-monitor applicant information, Information concerning the adoption of new employees.

(2) Boundaries of Shared Data

Sharing of personal data and information will be limited to our corporation and any other organizations belonging to the ORIHIRO Co., Ltd. group of companies.

(3) Acceptable Use Policy

The ORIHIRO Co., Ltd. group of companies is committed to protecting your personal data. Our group will only use your data in an appropriate manner relevant to the supervision and management of our business, and only in accordance with the Acceptable Use Policy listed in 1(1).

(4) In Addition

ORIHIRO Co., Ltd. will be responsible for the administration of your personal data. Furthermore, ORIHIRO Co., Ltd. will also hereafter be responsible for the review of shared data.

4. Concerning the Guarantee of Security for Personal data

Our Corporation endeavors to both protect the accuracy of our customer's personal data and keep it up-to-date, all in accordance with the guidelines laid out in our acceptable use policy.

5. Concerning the Safety Measures Implemented to Protect Personal data

Our Corporation takes all the appropriate measures to protect the integrity, and to prevent the loss or unintentional disclosure of your personal data.
Employees involved with the handling of our customer's personal data are placed under the necessary supervision required to ensure the privacy and safety of your data.
If the handling of part or all of our customer's personal data is consigned elsewhere, the consignee is placed under the necessary supervision required to ensure the privacy and safety of your data.

6. Concerning Procedures for Requesting Personal Information Disclosure

For the disclosure of personal information, or to request a correction, addition or deletion to be made to your current profile, our customers must adhere to the following procedure when submitting a request of this type to our corporation.

  1. Click the button below to download and print the "Personal Information Disclosure, Correction / Deletion Request Form".
  2. Please mail the documents listed below to the Inquiry Window.

    [1] Complete the required "Request for Disclosure of Personal Information, Corrections or Deletions"

    [2] "Proof of Identity".....submission of document a or b listed below

    a. Copy of applicant’s Driver’s License / Health Insurance / Passport etc.
    b. Copy of Certificate of Confirmation of Alien Registration

    [3] Application fee for disclosure or notification of acceptable use policy.

    To request a "Disclosure of Personal Information" or "Notification of Acceptable Use Policy" we humbly request that 800 yen per application be included to cover associated costs (which include both the handling fee and certified document delivery fee). Please enclose an 800 yen postal stamp with the submitted documents to cover this cost.

  3. Procedure of Responding to a Request for Disclosure
    Requested documents will be sent by certified document delivery to the address submitted in the application.
    Applicants may be contacted via the phone number submitted on their application upon arrival of the documents to confirm the specifics of the application request.
  4. Inquiry Window

    ORIHIRO Co., Ltd. General Affairs Section
    1886 Watanuki-machi, Takasaki City, Gunma, 370-1207, Japan
    Tel : +81-27-353-5611

7. In Addition

  1. Our corporation aims to review our privacy policy and constantly improve on it. Therefore, amendments and additions may be made to this document with no advance warning. Please visit our corporate website for official announcements and to obtain an updated copy of our privacy policy.
  2. Our corporation's website uses SSL (secure socket layer) encryption technology. SSL is an industry wide safety standard that is used to encrypt data transmitted between our website and its users, ensuring that any personal information and other sensitive data submitted over the internet remains secure.