Good quality raw materials are essential for producing safe and reliable, as well as delicious, konnyaku products. ORIHIRO’s Raw Material Division is closely affiliated with ORIHIRO Materials, whose raw materials processing plant is equipped with the latest machinery and meets the strictest standards. This enables the Raw Material Division to provide the market with a steady supply of the highest quality and purest mannan. Accordingly, the division creates opportunities leading to the development of new types of mannan based on acquired knowledge in the industry.
Contributing to The Production of Foodstuffs With New Textures and Characteristics Through Unique Research Programs
Glucomannan is a main ingredient in konnyaku potato, and this linear polysaccharide with water-holding ability is gaining attention as a thickening agent in foodstuffs. The Raw Material Division has developed a number of new foodstuffs with unique textures and characteristics, such as "timak mannan,"a thickening agent successfully developed without the distinct konnyaku potato smell, and "AF mannan,"a product dissolved in water until it turns into a gooey gel, then aseptically packaged.

AF mannan
In cooperation with the Raw Material Division, ORIHIRO Material plays a large role in providing the market with a steady supply of raw materials for konnyaku production. ORIHIRO Material manages a raw material processing plant equipped with highly advanced machinery for drying, pulverizing, grating and blending raw konnyaku potato, as well as carrying out quality inspections and maintaining low operation temperature. The result is efficient production of the highest quality and purest mannan.

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