4 side seal pouch

4 sided seal pouch is the standard packaging forms.

高温高压杀菌,适合各种各样食品包装「三方,四方封口袋」ONPACK的ALL IN ONE方式跟一般的制袋方式比较,大大的减少了产品在线的生产成本。

ORIHIRO made it possible for inline spout supplying method. Also ONPACK-roll film stock feeding system “All in One system” has enabled packaging materials cost reduction , which is superior to traditional pre-made packaging method. This "all-in-one" model has various functions of spout applicator, sterilization, clean room, forming, filling, sealing and furthermore design cutting features. Advanced ultrasonic seal technology and T-pouch format packaging is also available.




4 sides Seal Lineup