Onpack Stand Up Pouch

Due to its excellent design and ease of use, stand up pouch is the most popular packaging form.


With the inline spout capability and the trim capability as value-added feature, now you can recap and reclose the cap while having sophisticated pouch design equivalent to pre-made pouch. Retort-able stand up pouch is also available that is suitable for filling fluid products with solids/chunks and the high viscous products. Available in packaging for various foods such as deli and retort source.
In addition, ONPACK’s All-in-one packaging method, form-fill-seal, make it possible to reduce significantly packaging material costs.
With Onpack, it is possible to choose various size, volume, shape of design trim, and type of spouts.




Various selections of pouch shapes are available


The "all-in-one" model ORIHIRO made have the function of 5, a film supplies, the spout supply, make a pouch, filling and a design cut. The various types of the packaging in which has the flexibility and it can be chosen by the shape of the pouch, the size, the design cut shape and the spout shape.

包膜供给,口栓供给,制袋,充填,切口设计5大机能(ALL IN ONE)

Ultra Sonic Seal


Latest seal technology, Onpack ultrasonic seal, can give you better seal quality for retort pouch. Avoiding the product contamination and minimizing the temperature variation and reducing the down time while temperature rises.
This seal technology significantly can reduce the sealing time that contribute to improve the productivity. Also it is possible to monitor the seal condition in real time during production .



Stand Up Pouch Lineup