About Onpack Packaging Format

Pillow Pouch

Pillow Pouch is a basic format among ONPACK models.
Ranging from the high viscose product to the mineral water, the basic packaging format suitable for B to B distribution is the Onpack pillow packaging.
Onpack pillow packaging system has various benefits including maximizes the product volume filled per a pouch that save the packaging cost.
Onapck pillow packaging system is easy to use and to maintain packaging quality, user friendly, as well. Using the squeeze roller mechanism, no more head space that can minimize the oxidation of the contents that results in making product shelf life longer.


创业以来,在世界各国都有业绩,也是ONPACK最受信赖,最有代表意义的包装形态。多数行业都是以ORIHIRO为先躯,在全世界各地做为连锁饭店,快餐的流通包装容器来被广泛使用。 这种包装形态的好处,单体包装最大化,以使用挤压器的方式实现含气最小化,使内容产品氧化,腐败可以达到最小。


Stand Up Pouch

Due to its excellent design and ease of use, stand up pouch is the most popular packaging form. With the inline spout capability and the trim capability as value-added feature, now you can recap and reclose the cap while having sophisticated pouch design equivalent to pre-made pouch. Retort-able stand up pouch is also available that is suitable for filling fluid products with solids/chunks and the high viscous products. Available in packaging for various foods such as deli and retort source.
In addition, ONPACK’s All-in-one packaging method, form-fill-seal, make it possible to reduce significantly packaging material costs.
With Onpack, it is possible to choose various size, volume, shape of design trim, and type of spouts.





T-Pouch Shape

Bottle shaped small pouch “T-pouch”, suitable for ready-to-go product.
Now it is available for stand up pouch format called “T-pouch Shot”.
T-pouch has outstanding opening feature with linear easy-cut and stand up feature. T-pouch “Shot” can be used for retort single serving application as well with ultrasonic seal capability.
For its small pocket size, squeeze-out capability, it is good for the products, especially for one-shot type product such as energy gel, dairy product, any high valued functional foods such as functional beverages and jelly, alcohol, retort cooked food for single serving size, cosmetics and detergent.




4 sides Seal Pouch

4-sided seal pouch is the standard packaging forms.
Orihiro made it possible for inline spout supplying method. Also ONPACK-roll film stock feeding system “All in One system” has enabled packaging materials cost reduction , which is superior to traditional pre-made packaging method. This "all-in-one" model has various functions of spout applicator, sterilization, clean room, forming, filling, sealing and furthermore design cutting features. Advanced ultrasonic seal technology and T-pouch format packaging is also available.


4方封口包装是标准包装形态,ORIHIRO作为附加的机能,开发了在线装口栓,加上ONPACK的特殊包膜供给方式,比起一般的供袋方式充填来大大的减少了整体包材价格。包膜供给,口栓供给,制袋,充填,切口设计5大机能ALL IN ONE提高了设备的柔软性,更加丰富产品的多样化。


ONPACK package variety with the latest technology


Aseptic packaging (With Spout)
ONPACK-AF3030F Series
ONPACK-AF3030F series
Aseptic filling with the spout became possible by the stand up form and 4 sides seal pouch form.
A functional food of a high protein aseptic nutrition can distribute by a long life.
T-Pouch Shot (Stand Up)
T-pouch shape of the stand up pouch was achieved by the mini size, which is most suitable for liquor, detergent and an energy drink, etc.
Stand Up Pouch for prepared foods
Prepared foods and retort food is the most suitable for this pouch.
The package cost falls substantially by an all-in-one system of ONPACK.
最适合蔬菜,高温杀菌包装形态。制袋灌装AII in one方式大大降低包材成本。