Health Food Division

Supporting health and affluent life

We have a wide lineup of products that support a healthy and prosperous life. We are engaged in planning and development based on various information obtained from sales activities. Through an integrated system with the Orihiro Plantdew factory, which handles manufacturing, sales and delivery, we bring excellent in-house products to the market.

Affiliated companies / facilities

Healthy food

In response to growing health and beauty consciousness, we offer a variety of health foods that are useful for a healthy and beautiful life, from nutritional supplements that support a healthy life in addition to daily meals, to diet supplements, beauty foods, and healthy tea. We deliver with reliable quality and price.

Konjac jelly

It is a jelly that you can enjoy a unique texture that contains "konnyaku(konjac)", which is attracting attention as a healthy food. In addition to a variety of fruit juice-rich flavors such as lychee, apple, grape, and peach, we also offer products in Orihiro's unique safe to child packages.