ORIHIRO Engineering has made a significant contribution in the fields of design and development by insightfully responding to a market demand for more sophisticated products. This was achieved through the implementation of packaging machinery mechatronics and other similar practices. In striving to be known as a "development-driven manufacturer," ORIHIRO Engineering is always positive when it comes to developing advanced packaging machinery, and utilizes original ideas and the latest technologies in addition to an existing base of know-how.

Design Department

Machinery Control Room

Packaging Machinery
ORIHIRO Engineering Co., Ltd.
Established:April 1994
Capital:50 million yen
Business Outline:Development, design and production of food packaging and food processing machinery
Takasaki Plant:590-22 Hamagawa-machi, Takasaki City, Gunma, 370-0081 TEL: (027)343-6311
Tomioka Plant:478-3 Kannari, Tomioka City, Gunma, 370-2463 TEL: (0274)67-3312

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