R&D Center

We strongly support each business against the background of advanced development environment including the latest inspection equipment.

Orihiro's motto is to develop products that meet the needs of customers who are always looking for better products. The core development base of the Orihiro Group is the Orihiro Plantdew Research Institute. The Research Institute has a state-of-the-art development environment such as the latest inspection and analysis equipment and a class 100 level sterile room. We carry out raw material tests for food packaging that maintains high safety and quality, and development, inspection and analysis of new health foods.

R&D Center
R&D Center
R&D Center

Bio Laboratory

We carry out highly accurate microbiological tests in a class 100 level environment.

Konjac Quality Laboratory

We inspect the quality of konjac raw materials and products, and develop new products that are not bound by conventional ideas.

Chemical Laboratory

We analyze each component contained in food ingredients such as proteins, amino acids, various vitamins, and minerals.

Instrumental Analysis Room

We are working on inspections to achieve high quality levels using advanced analytical instruments such as high performance liquid chromatographs and gas chromatograph mass spectrometers.